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How It Works

1. List your handmade creations for sale.

It’s free, easy, and takes just 2 minutes.


2. Earn top dollar when you sell.

Crafty India takes 20%, you keep the rest.


3. Ship it to our local India address

Crafty India will pay you once the item is received.


4. Cash out to PayPal.

Safe, simple, secure.

It’s Simple, We Take Care of the Messy Bits.


Payments are processed securely, and all transactions are protected by the Crafty India Trust Guarantee.


International Shipping.

Crafty India handles all international shipping for you, just send your item to our local India office. We will deliver it for you.



Crafty India handles all returns directly, so buyers are protected, and sellers have fewer headaches.



After your items sells, you will receive payment directly through Paypal. Its Safe, Simple and Secure